Terms of Service

Updated - Monday May 16th, 2022


Please read the following Terms of Service carefully before you agree to
dog waste removal services from: U PooPy We Scoopy LLC


When servicing your yard U PooPy We Scoopy must be able to access your yard from the outside, wether it be through an open space, gate or door. We're unable to enter through your home to access your yard for our safety and yours. Taking extra precautions to cut down exposure is a priority!


U PooPy We Scoopy LLC, is an independently owned and operated business (“us”, “we” or “our”) will be referred to and includes U PooPy We Scoopy that provides Pet Waste Removal Services to residences, businesses and commercial properties. When you agree to the following, “Terms of Service” that govern the sales and services provided by us (“services”). By accepting the “Services” you hire us for, you are bound to these terms.


The customer understands our ability to provide the “Services” can be dependent on weather, condition of grass height, access to your yard which is your own responsibility, and other unknown outside influences


If the area is not accessible during the “Service Day”, locked gate(s) and/or pets in the service area(s) also, notify us of gate code(s) and or new gate code(s) and guard gated. The customer will be charged the normal agreed fee for that days service  including traveling time, gas and workers time. Service will resume the next scheduled date we will still have to pick up all of the poop that would have been scooped the prior service day. However for locked gate(s) we will wait up to 10min., but no longer than 20min. (after 10min. a waiting fee of $10.00 will be charged to your card on file, if you ask us to wait). All pet(s) must be out of the service area(s) during the service.


The service area(s) shall be free of tall grass, leaves and debris. If there are any obstacles (patio furniture, boxes, toys and etc.) in the service area(s) we do not move them. Our goal is to make your yard close to 100% PooP Free as we can. As we continue servicing your yard there will be old poop that might pop up and we will remove those as well. We can’t clean what we can’t see! If visibility is a concern, you will be notified. If the service area(s) are unable to be serviced due to Health & Safety reasons you will be notified and cancelled immediately and, you will be charged for that day’s service as agreed to. 


Customers are responsible to notify us of any increase or decrease in the number of dogs before the next service day (minimum 24hr. prior). Failure to notify “U PooPy We Scoopy” the number of dog(s) may be grounds for termination of services. If we notice unreported loss(es) or gain(s) of dogs, we reserve the right to adjust your weekly or every other week service fee. You will be notified immediately. 


Please notify us 2 Service Visits prior to the last service day being requested. If notified less than 2 Scheduled Services, there is a $25.00 Cancellation Fee. If you signed up for Recurring Services and have not had at least 1 Scheduled Service after your Initial Service it becomes a

One Time Clean-Up and there will be a $20 charge to the card of file.


Weekly Services – When skipping a Service you will still be charged for that Days Service because, we will still need to scoop the Dog Poop on the next Service Day. If you decide to scoop the Dog Poop on the Skipped Service Day please notify us at the same time of skipping a Service (or you will be charged for that Days Service) and you "Will Not Be Charged" for that skipped Service Day. Skipping more than 2 Services (poop accumulation) there will be an additional fee depending on size of yard & how many dogs you have.

*Fee to be determined*

Every Other Week Services – When skipping a Service you will still be charged for that Days Service because, we will still need to scoop the Dog Poop on the next Service Day. If you decide to scoop the Dog Poop on the Skipped Service Day, please notify us at the same time of skipping a Service (or you will be charged for that Days Service)  and you "Will Not Be Charged" for that skipped Service Day. Skipping more than 1 Service (poop accumulation) there will be an additional fee depending on size of yard & how many dogs you have.

*Fee to be determined*

Please notify us 24hrs. prior to your service day if you need to reschedule.
(Office Phone: 702-530-4130)
If notified less than 24 hrs. prior to your scheduled service day, we arrive to your service address and no one is home/there, gate is locked or dog(s) in the service area your card on file will be charged for that days service (as agreed on estimate) and an inconvenience fee of $20.00.


We will always do our best to clean your yard the best that we can. We understand that maintaining your yard is a lot of work and it may not always be in the best shape. The customer understands that it can be very difficult to find dog poop in tall grass or in a yard full of leaves or other debris. If your grass is tall when we come, there may be some dog waste that is missed. We will be back on our next scheduled visit and will get anything that was missed if yard maintenance is complete. If you find any excessive amount that we missed please let us know as soon as possible at: Upoopywescoopy@gmail.com


Operating Hours: 

Tuesday – Saturday 7:00am – 5:00pm

Closed: Sunday & Monday

Holidays Observed: 

“U PooPy We Scoopy” does not provide services on the following days: 

  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day!


Hose Off’s: Patio, Deck and Driveways *Fee to be determined* (depending on the size of the area)

Deodorizer: Small, Medium and Large yards $5.00, XL $10.00, Over Sized $15 etc. sizes, fee be determined.

Come Back Requests & Waiting Fees: Waiting Fee: On designated scheduled “Service Day” once we have texted you that we have arrived, we will wait up to10min., but no longer than 20min. (after 10min. a waiting fee of $10.00 will be charged to your card on file, if you ask us to wait).

Come Back Fee:  On the designated scheduled “Service Day” if there is an open spot on the schedule to return at your request there will be a $20.00 charge to your card on file.


Your Credit Card or Debit Card must be on file with Jobber (Stripe) by 5:00pm Prior to the Initial Service Day. This is a Charge Card System through “Stripe” which is an online Credit Card Processing System that is integrated with “Jobber” (the CRM that we use for business). It is a safe and secure way of storing your card online. This will streamline each service for our customers.
2 Estimates (1.The Initial Clean-Up 2.Recurring Services Estimate) are e-mailed to the customer for their "Approval" and we will also send you a “Private Invite Link” to add your Credit Card or Debit Card on file. Your card will be charged on the approved service day for the agreed amount on the Estimate.

Credit/Debit Card Processing Fee per transaction:
Recurring Weekly Services: $0.75
Recurring Every Other Week Services: $1.50

One Time Clean-Up - You will receive 1 Estimate by email for your "Approval". There is a $25.00 deposit required 24 hours before your Service Day. You will be sent an invoice to make the payment on the "Client Hub". Once the Service Day has been scheduled U PooPy We Scoopy will go out the requested address and assess your yard. If anything if different from what is on the Approved Estimate we will notify the customer first before any work is started. If the customer is not in agreement and we don't service the yard the $25.00 deposit becomes a "Come Out" fee. If we are in agreement then the $25.00 deposit is applied towards the balance due after the Service has been completed.


We may collect personal information from you on our Sites or through any other digital or personal communication with you. Information collected by us is voluntarily provided by you and may include information such as your name, email address, phone number, and physical address. Our sites may collect general information about the service you are requesting such as the type of property, area needing service, the type & number of dogs you have and general information about your dog’s behavior. We collect limited information about you in order to provide you with our services. We use personal information about our users for a variety of purposes related to our business, your information is for:
“U PooPy We Scoopy” use only. We will never sell your information or send it to third parties.

We may provide user information to third-party service providers or vendors for purposes of, including without limitation, processing your payments or sending information to you, data tracking, maintenance or development of our System. We may also share your personal information in connection with law enforcement requests or in response to investigations, subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims or as otherwise required by law.


U PooPy We Scoopy provides the above Services to you subject to the Terms, which may be amended from time to time without notice to you. Amendments will be effective upon our posting of such updated Terms to our website. We recommend you visit the Sites to review any changes in our practices. Your continued use of our Services shall constitute in these Terms of use may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on our site. 


If you have any concerns about any material on our Site, please contact us by email at: Upoopywescoopy@gmail.com


"U PooPy We Scoopy"