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Professional Dog Waste Removal Services
Las Vegas, Nevada

About Us

Your Dog Waste Removal Family

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Theresa Lewis

I am from West Covina, California. I grew up with dogs and cats in the house and really enjoyed their Love and Happiness. I have now lived in Las Vegas for over 30 years and have worked in the Customer Service Industry for over 25 years! Customer Service is very important when operating our business. People deserve to be treated with great Customer Service!! I enjoy the outdoors and at the same time it's rewarding working with the community. I am working my way through the community One Scoop at a Time! With my Knowledge, experience, and above all Passion; I guarantee the best service possible. A Clean and Fresh yard brings People and Pets together again!


Gaby Vasquez

I've been a Las Vegas local for over 30 years and been in the service industry for 25 years. For the love of animals and the love to serve people has given me the drive to serve my community with honesty and respect. To lessen one dirty task, and to make more time for more important things in their lives and leaving them with a clean and fresh yard gives me great satisfaction that I can make a difference in their lives, "One Scoop At A Time!"

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Mission Statement 

 U Poopy We Scoopy is dedicated to making dog owners lives much easier by removing all Dog Waste from the property area(s) and disposing of it in a proper manner. It is our commitment to give our Clients the most affordable, professional, dependable and excellent Dog Waste Removal Service one scoop of PooP at a time.

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When It All Started

U Poopy We Scoopy is a female owned business that truly cares about the cleanliness of your yard. We've been providing excellent Customer Service and overall a great experience for our Clients since April 1st 2021. We believe owning a Dog is one of the greatest joys in life, but cleaning up their PooP can become a crappy chore when life gets very busy.

Photo Gallery


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Amazing fast service! We were unsure at first if the deodorizing spray they recommended would be effective but after the first spray we were able to tell the difference in our yard making it a more comfortable place to hang out. We absolutely recommend this company, you will not be disappointed in the results.

Incredible Service! Our yard looks 10x better and smells amazing after they used the deodorizing spray. My dogs are very happy and i no longer have to worry about cleaning up the poop every week.

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Why Choose U Poopy We Scoopy For Your Dog Waste Removal Needs?

Promoting a Cleaner & Healthier Community One Scoop at a Time!

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Yards Cleaned
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PooPs Scooped
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Happy Dogs & Owners
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